What Made The Twilight Saga Such A Massive Success

Twilight is the type of series that a person will either love or have a strong dislike for it. There are hardcore fans who have read the series eight different times and seen the movies over 300 times. What is it about this series that helps to make them so popular? There are numerous things that contribute to making this series so popular.

What Is Twilight?

To understand what makes the series so popular, a person first has to understand what the series is. Twilight is a series about this teenage girl called Bella who falls in love with a vampire named Edward. The series consists of four different novels. It has made the writer, Stephanie Meyer, over two billion dollars worldwide. Considering that it has been made into both movies and books, this is a series that has certainly seen its fair share of success.

Why Is Twilight So Successful?

One of the reasons that Twilight has seen so much success is for a variety of different reasons. The first reason is because it plays into the fantasies of some women. For example, there is this alluring vampire who falls in love with a teenaged girl. What many people like about the vampire Edward is that he is both romantic and old fashioned in his charm. He is both respectful and protective of Bella. This is something that many women like, and they like to feel like love can prevail for such strange circumstances, so if it can prevail for them, surely it could prevail for them. This is a tale of romance that people enjoy because it goes the extra mile to show such strange circumstances and how it comes together to be alright in the end.

What Else Made The Series Successful?

Another thing that helped to contribute with making the series successful was that it took the positives that are most commonly associated with vampires while getting rid of the many negatives that people have come to know about vampires. For example, in the series, Edward is one of the good vampires because he does not drink human blood. Instead, he drinks the blood of animals instead of taking from humans. However, there are vampires in the series that drink the blood of humans, and this is what Edward is helping to fight, which sets him up as somewhat of a hero in the series.

The Romance Helps To Make It Successful

The romance is part of what helps to make the story so successful. For example, when Bella is dying in the story, Edward turns Bella into an immortal so that she will not die. This would probably be considered romantic by a great deal of people, and this is why they go to read and watch Twilight. It helps cater to that individual desire for romance that cannot be found in other areas. Another thing that helped to contribute to the success of Twilight as a series is that it takes things and makes them more interesting.


This is something that helps to create something that people consider more exciting and worthwhile. For example, it turns dreary towns in the eastern part of the United States into something that has vampire clan battles. Another interesting thing is that this series is more original than what has been done in the past. For example, in the past, vampire were considered more monstrous and Stephanie Meyer is taking the vampires and giving a new angle to what they are. She is also doing something that has rarely, if ever, been done before and that is making a mortal fall in love with a vampire.

These are some of the things that have helped to make the Twilight series so popular. In short, it was a story that was crafted in the right way that made many people love the series and everything that it had to offer. These are some of the reasons that people love Twilight.

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